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.New Shapes By annaA.

                                       ::[annaA]::  Body Shape „Darling

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.RAWR…New Piercings.

…yaaay…cool new facepiercings from anna 🙂

Check out the ::[annaA]:: store for new fuckin‘ hot face piercings! You’ll get three (!!!) different colours in your package. Yeahaaaa…..

…for more stuff visit annalescas blog


.Yumm Yumm Strawberry.

Jede menge neue Sachen ❤ ❤ ❤

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.Dan the Nerd xD.

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.I am your Djane.

Music is my Destiny…  Hip and Rnb or Electro Dirty Dutch Tunes…

I Love my Barefeet by SLink awww ❤

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.gøıиg ωıłđ.

You find the passage to your most forgotten fear
A secret chamber, in the tower
Imprisoned memories, once locked up by despair
Will trade your love for all their power
… you know, it was just illusions, everything’s fine…

Going wild, going out of control
Going fast, past the border
Going wild, going over the wall
Going out, out of order

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.Aylin Gängsta Style.

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.New Dress by BC .

I love the new dress of BC super sweet and super sexy RawR

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.Jaina21 natural beauty.

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.Mister Jinx.

Let me introduce Mister Jinx xD

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.a beautiful dream.

a beautiful dream of a better world and the Perfect Love. Do not dream your life, live your dream.

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.Omg Dan.

Darf ich vorstellen ? My Boy xD Entlich ist es soweit es gibt neues von C.Smit passent zum wetter, geile Tank Tops.

Und neue Hosen von Spirit Store, wenn da selbst nicht die Männer lust zum Shoppen bekommen ?

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.Dildodododododo xD.

Omg DildosTime bei ** Rawr ich will doch nur Spielen xD Das gute Stück gibts in vielen verschiedenen Farben.

Balkanik hat neue Hosen und Pekka Piercings . Viel Spaß bei Shoppen Lg Vio

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.Bad Vio in Wonderland.

Good girls go to heaven,bad girls go everywhere!

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.Ao & Dance Hud <3 <3 <3.

                                                               AKEYO_PowerAO_BOX (v 5.5)

Absolut es wert ihn zu erwähnen x) Ihr wechselt auch gerne ständig eure Ao Animationen ?

Oder würdet es öfters tun wenn da nicht die Sache mit der Notecard umschreiben wäre ?

Mit diesem Hud hat das entlich ein Ende! Keine NC mehr umschreiben YaY und keine nervigen Aussetzer zwischen den Animation.

Ein Hud für eure AO und Tänze, auf  jedenfall Frauen freundlich und easy in der Conifg xD

Ich bin begeistert 700L die sich Lohnen…

>>>>>>>>>>>AKEYO MAINSTORE<<<<<<<<<<<

.Amerie New Pants <3.

Shopping can be so nice xD I love the new pants by Amerie…

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Going to the next level… be a BITCH!

I’m a bitch when I brush my teeth
I’m a bitch walking down the street

I’m a bitch when I paint my lips
I’m a bitch when people look at me

I’m a bitch… in disguise
I’m a bitch… that never minds

I’m a bitch… just realize
I’m a bitch… all the time

I’m a bitch … i-t-c-h

I’m a bitch when I walk my dog
I’m a bitch when I fall in love

I’m a bitch when I give a kiss
I’m a bitch when I sing like this

I’m a bitch… in disguise
I’m a bitch… that never minds

I’m a bitch… did you realize
I’m a bitch… every time

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.back to school.

Look back, I sift through all the cliques
Roaming the halls all year, making me sick
While everyone’s out tryin to make the cut, what
And when you think you know me right I switch it up
Behind the wall, smoking cigarettes, sipping vodka
Hop a fence and catch a cab, ain’t no one can stop us
Give me a break I’m on some other mess
while your acting like its everything you got,

Push back the square
Now that you need her, but you don’t
So there you go
Cause back in school
We are the leaders of it all

Deftones – Back to school

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.this is war.

… this isn’t what i planned… i wanted to be so much more… but this is war!

Smile Empty Soul – This is war

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.Yellow is the new Pink.

I enjoy the Saturday in yellow ❤

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.Fear Me.

I wish you a great Friday…

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.beautiful day.

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.Partnerlook ?.

It’s the little moment that what is beautiful…

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.Rawr nice Man.

no words can say baby ❤

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