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.New Shapes By annaA.

                                       ::[annaA]::  Body Shape „Darling

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.RAWR…New Piercings.

…yaaay…cool new facepiercings from anna 🙂

Check out the ::[annaA]:: store for new fuckin‘ hot face piercings! You’ll get three (!!!) different colours in your package. Yeahaaaa…..

…for more stuff visit annalescas blog


.Yumm Yumm Strawberry.

Jede menge neue Sachen ❤ ❤ ❤

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.Dan the Nerd xD.

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.I am your Djane.

Music is my Destiny…  Hip and Rnb or Electro Dirty Dutch Tunes…

I Love my Barefeet by SLink awww ❤

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.gøıиg ωıłđ.

You find the passage to your most forgotten fear
A secret chamber, in the tower
Imprisoned memories, once locked up by despair
Will trade your love for all their power
… you know, it was just illusions, everything’s fine…

Going wild, going out of control
Going fast, past the border
Going wild, going over the wall
Going out, out of order

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.Aylin Gängsta Style.

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