.Wanna Dance with me?.

ok, I went shopping at the Warehouse this Friday, there was a BIG BIG sale 😛 and just fell in love with this awesome dress. It’s so beautiful and classy and when I walk it swings adorable with every stepp ❤ Got the perfect shoes too and now I’m totally happy with my look. What did U think?

Have a great Day Sweethearts ❤ Faith

.here we go.

.shape. .::TC::. Dalia

.skin. *REDGRAVE*Dark Skin –Naomie2–OldRose

.hair.  .: vive9 :.  Fredja in Brunette Tones / Mahagony& Tonic

.eyes. -Sorry.Asia- Aicde Eyes

.lashes. -DAMNED-  Blossom Eyelashes Fall

.ears. [Acide!] Pique la V2.1

.piercing. Cobrahive Gauged 04

.piercing. Cobrahive Gauged

.bodypiercing. – .HoD. – Bulletproof Piercing Collection

.rings. [MANDALA] Milky Way Ring & Nails/ gaga black

.bracelet. [MANDALA] TAKARA Bangle/Metal silver

.dress. {Gisaci} Barlu Fiore – Casablanca

.shoes.  {Gisaci} Dalia Pump – Eggplant

.nails. Multicolor No moving Nails Long Violet


Have fun shopping ❤ FaithDarknight


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