.Can U resist?.

Morning again my Lovely’s

after the Reopening stuff I make a real post 😛

 New stuff from Me and /Wasabi Pills/ 

 also a lot of cutie stuff out of my closet 

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.-FD- Reopening *-*.



It’s finally done *-*

I totally thought I would never get ready for U 😀

But yeah, my store is open again.

New Location, New Building, New Stuff

ok everything is NEWNEWNEW




I still am working on new thing’s,

My Decoration is still in the progress

and the stupid Gatcha is not working but I’ll figure this out 


 So if U got time, 

run over and check it out

a New Groupgift is waiting for U all


-FD-  tattoo’s & more

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.New’s at -ZR-.

Heya I have new’s for the boy’s

-ZR- released new Mesh shirt’s and they are really cool

so go try on the demo and get them

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.New dresses at -FD- Tattoo’s.

Heya Lovely’s
been a while I know,
I just needed a lil break and maybe I’ll have one again soooooon 😀
but I try my best to keep up with my lazy ass

The sun is still shining and yeah I don’t want to hang in „second life“
when real life is so much better 😛

Hope U had a nice weekend
like I had

I made some dresses and hope U will like them
demo is available too
so please check it out before U buy it

take care

-FD- Tattoo’s

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.I love my new pants.

Heya Lovely’s
I wear a pants named after the most important thing in my whole life
ty Vio for this. Love U Girl!
They are stunning aren’t they? And available in many colors.
I love this look, I really do
hope U too

One of the best songs ever is waiting below!!!
Fucking awesome 😉


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.College Baby :P.

Heyaaa yeah yeah I know :3 I have been impossible busy with my own blog and the store and yeah so I thought it would be good to blog again 😛

-ZR-  has released new Mesh College Jackets in many styles today they look totally awesome and U should check the demo out and choose Ur color

❤ Faith

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Heya Lovely’s

I made a few Mesh Top’s with cute summerprints on them hope U will like them

-FD- Tattoo’s

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